Certificate of Deposit (CD) Killer On The Loose

Certificate of Deposit

Certificate of Deposit - Killer on the LooseSo many people think putting their money into a certificate of deposit (CD) is the only safe investment that is liquid. This is so far from the truth. At Fitzwilliams Financial, we have tax free investment solutions that kill CDs. We can take your certificate of deposit and put in an account and give you 100% liquidity on day one.

This tax free investment account solution will also earn you 3% to 13% of the S&P 500 Index. This means you are going to get most of the upside gains but experience none of the downside losses. In the event of death, the account will almost always pay at least double the initial deposit tax free to your beneficiary. This tax free investment solution will also provide some long term care needs based on the initial deposit. So, the next time you are thinking about putting money in a certificate of deposit, call us, at Fitzwilliams Financial, for some powerful CD killer investment options and see what investment option works best for you.

Our job is to tailor an investment account that fits your needs. To top it all off, this investment account solution is not attachable by creditors. Imagine a hidden CD that makes more than a bank certificate of deposit and doubles in death with risk from the market. Can we say WOW?! That is amazing and it is real. We help hundreds of people a year with these accounts.

A tax free investment solution can protect you family and assets in the tragic event of your absence by giving your beneficiaries more leverage and flexibility with your final investments when you cannot be there. Easing their financial transition in your absence is a most precious gift to give your family. Let us help you to plan safely for the future and save your hard earned dollars. Contact Fitzwilliams Financial to learn more.