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Welcome To The Fitzwilliams Financial Blog

The Fitzwilliams Financial blog is intended to communicate current financial news and also provide a forum to discuss financial strategies with the communities we serve. We want to give you the information you need to get the most from your financial portfolio. At Fitzwilliams Financial, we believe in putting you and your family first and that means keeping your nest egg safe. We know how hard it is to work all your life and not know what is promised to you in your retirement years. Too many families find out too late that they are not properly prepared financially for their retirement years. We want to remedy that by educating our clients, and the general public, how to successfully leverage the many tax free income and asset protection type investments products we offer.

We offer a lot of valuable information you can use, and we are sure you still may have some questions. Please browse our website and if there if something you cannot find, let us know, so that we can add that information to the site pages, or the blog. We appreciate any feedback you may have about Fitzwilliams Financial. You can leave us feedback through the website, or you can call us to talk. We would like to assure that our website and upcoming financial blog content is something that will be a valuable tool to you and your family during your financial retirement research.

Please let us know what you think of the website and included financial blog information. We are anxious to hear from you, and greatly value your feedback. Thank you for allowing Fitzwilliams Financial the opportunity to be your top pick for financial retirement in Hampton Roads, Virginia. Please send us some blog topics and your comments and feedback. Thank you in advance!

Certificate of Deposit (CD) Killer On The Loose

Certificate of Deposit

Certificate of Deposit - Killer on the LooseSo many people think putting their money into a certificate of deposit (CD) is the only safe investment that is liquid. This is so far from the truth. At Fitzwilliams Financial, we have tax free investment solutions that kill CDs. We can take your certificate of deposit and put in an account and give you 100% liquidity on day one.

This tax free investment account solution will also earn you 3% to 13% of the S&P 500 Index. This means you are going to get most of the upside gains but experience none of the downside losses. In the event of death, the account will almost always pay at least double the initial deposit tax free to your beneficiary. This tax free investment solution will also provide some long term care needs based on the initial deposit. So, the next time you are thinking about putting money in a certificate of deposit, call us, at Fitzwilliams Financial, for some powerful CD killer investment options and see what investment option works best for you.

Our job is to tailor an investment account that fits your needs. To top it all off, this investment account solution is not attachable by creditors. Imagine a hidden CD that makes more than a bank certificate of deposit and doubles in death with risk from the market. Can we say WOW?! That is amazing and it is real. We help hundreds of people a year with these accounts.

A tax free investment solution can protect you family and assets in the tragic event of your absence by giving your beneficiaries more leverage and flexibility with your final investments when you cannot be there. Easing their financial transition in your absence is a most precious gift to give your family. Let us help you to plan safely for the future and save your hard earned dollars. Contact Fitzwilliams Financial to learn more.

Vacation to Mexico

On The Plane – Vacation to Mexico

Vacation to MexicoGood morning all. God is good! We have done six seminars in the last 30 days about retirement! Topics ranged from how to maximize your social security, for those that are retired or are looking to retire soon, to how to create a tax-free supplemental retirement. We had a great turn out and we reached over 100 people which was amazing. Who would guess that our next adventure would be a vacation to Mexico?

As I am writing this, my wife, Corrine, and I am sitting on a plane en route to Punta Mita, Mexico. The reason we are getting to vacation in Mexico is because God has blessed me with the ability to help so many people plan their retirements that I achieved top levels of production, and a trip to Mexico from Fidelity & Guarantee Life at a wonderful resort, all expenses paid as a reward for my efforts. My primary goal for this trip is to definitely relax with my wife and enjoy this much needed break. I also want this time to reflect upon how far we have come and where our focus needs to go next to better serve our clients and help educate our communities. We are so thankful to be able to have helped so many people last year and we want to do all we can to increase this number every year, and help more families and businesses with their retirement planning.

Corrine and I have put a lot of effort into making sure that Fitzwilliams Financial does not miss a beat while we are away. We made sure we ironed out all the details and duties for our staff before we left. I am especially excited since this vacation to Mexico gives me the opportunity to talk with other top producers and share best practices. I want to learn what they are doing that their clients love and what they are doing that is helping their clients the most. I always make a point to bring back something from my travels that will make Fitzwilliams Financial a better place for people to do retirement planning.

You would think that a lot of people are unapproachable and not willing to talk when they hit the top levels of production. The exact opposite is true. Since I started my business travels, I have gone on many top production business-awarded trips and on every trip I learned something new to incorporate into our techniques and practices at Fitzwilliams Financial. I am sure this trip will be just as fruitful. Side note: Corrine and I are really looking forward to zip lining!

Opportunity Cost

Think About Opportunity Cost

Opportunity CostEver heard anyone say not to try hard to pay your car loan, or your house mortgage, off early? Ever wonder the logic behind that strategy? It is based on the logic of opportunity cost. One of the topics I talk a lot about, before we even get into what solutions work for the client, is making sure the client is not wasting money currently. Since I have a strong background in Economics, opportunity cost is not just a theory, but a way of life. For those that do not know what opportunity cost is, the simplest way explain it is the following: Opportunity cost is the cost of doing something versus what you could have done different.

See, when we decide we want to do something, we pay a price. That price we pay is not doing something else. A good example would be, if you are paying extra on your car to pay it off when you could be putting that extra money into a strong interest bearing account, you would be missing out on the opportunity of gaining that interest. Why pay off a depreciating asset early? The term depreciating asset means an asset that decreases in value, over time, like your car, or your home. The math is simple. It does not make sense to focus on paying off depreciating assets early when you consider the cost of not doing something else instead, or the opportunity cost.

Another example we talk about in our free financial training seminars is the strategy of paying off a home mortgage by overpaying on the minimum amount due. At first, this sounds like a great idea. Sure, pay off your largest debt so you do not have to worry about it any longer. The problem is, you are paying into something that is not that accessible, or transferable. There is a real cost when you want access to your equity of your home.

Today, we are in a very, very low interest rate environment and the cost to borrow money is extremely cheap. So, that means if you pay more on your mortgage, you are losing out on the opportunity of what you could have done with that money. Instead, if you put that money into a safe, tax-free account, like what we use at Fitzwilliams Financial that guarantees a minimum interest of 3% and caps out at 14.5%, you would, in the long run, have much more money. In addition, you would still have the option to pay off the mortgage early, if you so desired. Contact Fitzwilliams Financial to learn more about how you can use opportunity cost to your advantage in your financial portfolio.