Long Term Care

The topic of long term care is often overlooked by the young and healthy. As we age, it is inevitable that our health will decline. As our health declines, our medical needs increase. For most of us, there will be a point in our lives when our long term expenses will become a major concern.

Time and time again, we have seen many people’s life savings wiped out due to the devastating blow of long term care expenses. Even for those that have planned well, or thought they did, most cannot support a constant drain on their savings. Unfortunately, at that point, it commonly comes down to one question. Will your long term planning funding outlast your need for long term care? This is a question you never want your family to have to worry about.

Short Term Care Insurance Will Not Last

Most people do not realize the lack of coverage typical medical insurance provides in the event of a need for long term care. To educate you a bit, most medical insurance and hospice benefits will not cover the financial gaps where you may need more care than your medical insurance allows.

Regardless of whether you need 24/7 care, or not, unless you specifically have long term care features on your medical insurance plan, you will find that your true coverage can average only a few weeks. This is considered short term care. To cover medical issues that extend past the first few weeks, you will need long term care coverage.

What Happens In A Catastrophic Medical Situation?

If you do not have long term care coverage on your medical insurance plan, you still have some options to guard against the catastrophic and devastating event of a long term medical situation. Don’t wait until it is too late to protect your finances. Many want to leave their assets to their family and not have them eaten up by medical and long term care costs.

Don’t be the family member that leaves a ticking time bomb of financial devastation for your surviving family. That is no way for them to live. It is not what you want – and we know it. Let Fitzwilliams Financial help you plan today to reach your goals of being able to financially cover your future long term care expenses. We want to make sure that whatever plans you have for your family, your assets and your finances, work out just the way you want.

No Worries! – There Are Other Options

There are many solutions that can help protect your hard earned dollars now from a future catastrophic health situation. Don’t let long term care expenses suck away your life savings. We know that when medical issues escalate to long term care medical expenses, you are not the only one that is affected.

The nest egg you worked so hard and saved for all those years is not just there to take care of you; you created it to take care of your family. We want to help you preserve your hard earned money. Remember Rule #1: Just Don’t Lose The Money.

At Fitzwilliams Financial, we offer a comprehensive list of efficient economic based solutions to help you protect your finances and other assets from the expense of long term care. Let us help protect what you have worked so hard to earn and save. Contact us to learn more about how we can help!