Estate Planning

Whether you are young or old, inevitably, all of us will need to have our financial estates settled. To put estate planning in the proper perspective, it is something that everyone will either have to do themselves or someone will have to do in their absence. Estate planning is actually just a fancy term for putting plans in place that take of your property and other assets in the event of your death.

Everyone, young and old, should have a proper plan in place to handle their estate. Too many times when a tragedy occurs in a family, chaos is the result. That time is stressful enough and chaos is not what you want to leave behind. Estate planning is crucial for all, to ensure the most comfort from legal and financial matters. Early estate planning helps you give that last gift of protection to your family, knowing that everything has already been taken care of and all the hard decisions were already made, so full attention and energy can be put towards your family.

Adjusting to the absence of a loved one is difficult enough without having to worry about difficult financial issues and legal estate matters. Most people do not realize the importance of estate planning. The first experience many people get with having to dissolve an estate is when a family member passes. At that time, the surviving family members have to address the estate issues while under the emotional stress of grieving.

We all know that making financial decisions and other major decisions is not recommended while stressed. Unfortunately, many do not plan ahead and those families are stuck with resolving their loved one’s estate during a time of immense grief. We know that you do not want to leave your family any extra burden. Spare them the extra emotional stress. Request an appointment to discuss your Estate Plan with Fitzwilliams Financial’s in-house Estate Planning Attorney.

Estate Planning Is Not Just For The Old & Rich

Estate planning is something that many people think is only for the old, or only for the rich. This is just not true. Although, the more assets and worth you have, the more crucial it is to plan how your estate will be dissolved. Usually, the older you get, the more chance that you will think about or know someone involved in estate planning. Regardless, even the smallest worth estates can cause complexities for the remaining family.

Everyone can benefit from estate planning. Tragedy strikes families daily, whether young or old. Upon your absence, your family will be left to handle your affairs. Dealing with estate issues is emotionally exhausting enough not to mention the fact that the family will also be trying to grieve. We know that do not want to cause any additional stress for your family. By doing your estate planning early, you can spare your family from this chore.

Many think you need a lot of money for estate planning. Actually, estate planning does not have to be expensive. If you get the essentials like permanent life insurance, a will and plans for your assets, you can add to your plan over time.

Estate Planning Is Your Responsibility

Estate planning is your responsibility. It is an extension of the responsibility that you feel towards your family and a just closing to the circle of care you have provided. We know you want your family to continue to thrive and enjoy life in your absence. You worked hard to give them the life and the things that you wanted them to have and we know you want that to continue. For the parents, you welcomed your children into this world, you nurtured them, you made a life for them, and memories. For those that are not parents, remember how you were raised, loved and cared for in your younger years. That care should continue in your absence.

Parents, remember playing with your children, their birthdays, flying a kite, holding hands, watching them do their homework, cheering them on at their outside activities, and watching them while they slept? Remember putting them on their first school bus, seeing them excel in school? They grew up so fast – their first prom date, graduation, and then marriage. You were so proud and you should be – you did a wonderful job taking care of your family. Now, make sure your family is taken care of once you are no longer here. Fitzwilliams Financial wants to help you make sure that your family continues to be cared for in the way you have cared for them all these years.

The Gift of Life you gave your family should continue in your absence. We know your commitment was to take care of your family FOREVER – not just the time you are here on this Earth. Estate planning is the key to making sure you will leave your family with a safe, structured plan to take care of them when you are gone. It is your last responsibility to fulfill to your family and Fitzwilliams Financial wants to help you set up this Gift of Life for you and your family. Contact Fitzwilliams Financial for a complimentary estate planning consultation with our Estate Planning Attorney.

Plan Now For The Unexpected

No one wants to think about death. No one wants to talk about what we would do if a family member passed. Many of us will only discuss this once a family member is gone, or within the last few days of their life. Death is quite emotional for us humans and so we avoid it – period. There are lots of topics humans do not enjoy discussing, and death is commonly, universally, one many avoid. But we have to talk about it now. If we do not, then the full burden of your estate will befall upon your family.

Many times death is welcomed, to ease one’s pain – it is expected. We know it is coming but when it does, we are still sad. Afterwards, our lives are rearranged as we work to adjust to our loved one’s absence. These natural and expected deaths are the complete, and inevitable, cycle to someone’s full and wonderful life. Death is a natural part of life. The expected and gradual progression to one’s end of life usually bubbles up the topic of estate planning fairly quickly in the family.

Other times death is quite unexpected. Tragic events, deaths of the young and deaths with increased and prolonged suffering can make us feel a different set of emotions. Deaths that come too soon make us feel shock and then anger that that person was cheated from living a full life, or anger or resentment of their lack of life fulfillment. Other times, we can blame another, or others, or ourselves for someone’s tragic, bad decisions. We just cannot predict the unexpected but we can plan for the unexpected now.

Deaths from tragic events are usually abrupt and knock the family, and those involved, for quite an emotional loop. In these unexpected situations, there is no time for estate planning. That is why it is so important to plan ahead. Unfortunately, being young or healthy does not protect us from tragic events. Do the proper estate planning now, so you will be prepared in the event of the unexpected. Make an appointment today with Fitzwilliams Financial of Chesapeake, Virginia to help with your estate planning needs.