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Meet our financial services team!

Tim & Corrine Fitzwilliams - Financial Services

Timothy Fitzwilliams

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Timothy Fitzwilliams is the founder of Fitzwilliams Financial. Fitzwilliams Financial was created by his internal drive to help others achieve a comfortable financial situation. Tim knows that many people don’t realize that they are not ready for retirement until it’s too late. While Tim was growing up, his personal family medical and financial struggles grew within him a strong passion to help others stay on the right financial track.

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Corrine Fitzwilliams

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Corrine Fitzwilliams is the Chief Operating officer of Fitzwilliams Financial. She works with Timothy Fitzwilliams, her husband and Partner to run and keep Fitzwilliams Financial organized.

Offering our clients the most exceptional service possible while working to grow the family business feel. We treat our clients like we want our family to be treated. We educate, assist and help them achieve their retirement goals.

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Corrine joined the navy at 18 and served as an Intelligence specialist for a year before cross rating to Air Traffic Controller. Her years in service trained her to pay attention to details and manage stressful situations joyfully. Working the control room on 9/11 was one of her strongest memories and although she loved what she was doing she left the military to stay close to her growing family.

Unlike most of our team members at Fitzwilliams Financial Corrine was not drawn into the financial field. Corrine went on after her naval career and found a calling for human services. Corrine excelled in all her classes making the Dean’s List and Honor Roll. Corrine choose to take her training and education and join her husband’s firm where she can assist retirees and pre-retires with the planning for their future. Her training as an advocate and her caring attitude for putting each person first has allowed her to excel at her role in Fitzwilliams Financial.

Corrine’s team manages the pending business when clientele begin their relationship with Fitzwilliams Financial her team answers any questions, and ensures business transactions happen swiftly and properly. Corrine is licensed in life insurance, Health insurance and Annuities. She enjoys the knowledge but prefers the paperwork over the planning. Her ability to take difficult information and clarify into simple to understand information helps many of our clients to feel safe and secure in our teams hands.

Deanna Jones - Fitzwilliams Financial Services

Deanna Jones

Chief Of Operations (COO)

Deanna Jones is the firms Operations Manager and accounts payable. She assists with overseeing the every day function of Fitzwilliams Financial. She is a New England native who has a passion for helping others. Whether in her professional life or her personal life she strives to make a positive impact on all of those around her. She is married to a Navy Submariner and together they have three children.

In addition to being a professional, a wife and a mother she serves as her husband’s Command Ombudsman. Recently, in September 2017, she was awarded the Sybil Stockdale Ombudsman of the Year award, which shows her dedication for being an impactful resource to her community.

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Deanna enjoys traveling and has a thing for numbers. She enjoys the outdoors and tries to make the most out of the life she’s been blessed with. She understands the importance of a successful future and protecting her family as she lost her father unexpectedly in 2015; she knows the difference of being prepared or unprepared. She shares the same objectives with our clients and our firm to building a successful future for themselves and their families.

Emily Taylor - Fitzwilliams Financial Services

Emily Taylor


Emily is native to Grand Rapids, Michigan. She relocated to Virginia in 2012 when she felt the call to action to join the United States Navy. She spent her Naval days as an Operations Specialist aboard the USS Bainbridge where her role was to ensure all surface contacts were not only on the radar but also friendly.

Emily joined the Fitzwilliams Financial team as part of an internship, and shortly thereafter fell in love with retirement strategies, and finance.

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Emily is a licensed insurance professional and an under-study of Tim and Brian. Emily’s militant work ethic, and dedication was immediately recognized, and made the decision for Tim and Corrine to bring her on full-time an easy one.

It was on board the USS Bainbridge that Emily met her husband Wesley. While family roots were being established Emily felt a new calling for higher education, and after her honorable completion of commitment to our country she decided to go to school for business. Wesley still serves our country proudly, and Emily will be graduating with her bachelor’s degree in December of 2017.

Emily recently moved to the beach where she enjoys running and taking her dog for long walks. In her past time she enjoys journaling and hopes to write a book someday.

Nyla Rose - Fitzwilliams Financial Services

Nyla Rose

Customer Service Representative

The cornerstone employee of Fitzwilliams Financial. She began her career consulting with us eight years ago. Ms. Rose lived in California and helped us with all new prospective and existing clients.

Ms. Rose came to us with a very diverse background she’s done everything from Human Resources, IRS contracting, and claims adjusting for the state of California.

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With six degrees of college education under her belt, she’s finally found a home with Fitzwilliams Financial as a customer relationship consultant and schedule manager. Happily retired, she helps us part time. She’s a mother of five, grandmother of nine and great-grandmother of three.

Jeremy Domozic Fitzwilliams Financial Services

Jeremy Domozick

Chief Legal Officer (CLO)

Jeremy Domozick is a local attorney who has been practicing for over a decade in Hampton Roads.  A graduate of William & Mary School of Law, he practices Estate Planning and Business Law.

Jeremy takes a simple and straightforward approach to providing legal services.  Unlike the traditional attorney model, he offers free consultations and flat fee billing.  He has found that clients appreciate his ability to take complex legal concepts and make them easy for everyone to understand.

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Working with Fitzwilliams Financial, Jeremy helps clients protect their assets—both during their lifetimes, and after they pass.  Whether the client needs a will, trust, power of attorney, medical directive, or something else entirely, Jeremy strives to ensure each client’s lasting legacy—big or small—is passed on properly to their heirs and beneficiaries, with as little outside interference as possible.

You may have heard or seen him on local media.  Jeremy has appeared on a variety of TV and radio programs, such as:  The Hampton Roads Show, Don’t Lose the Money Radio, Hampton Roads Business Weekly, and The Specialist Radio Hour.

Jeremy currently lives in Virginia Beach with his wife and three children.

Gary Roberson Fitzwilliams Financial Services

Gary Roberson

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Gary Roberson, with over 30 years of experience in finance and accounting, is much more than an accountant.  Gary’s perspective is to analyze a business like an engineer analyzes a building.

His reputation as a financial builder and renovator and his dedicated worth ethic makes him a most valuable asset at Fitzwilliams Financial.

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Gary’s analytic mind and deep analysis strategies allows him unique insights into what is working in the system and what needs adjustment. His dedication to his clients and to Fitzwilliams Financial is unmatched. Gary makes happy clients because he helps them to create strong financial foundations.

Amy Dearborn, CTO - Fitzwilliams Financial Services

Amy Dearborn

Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

Amy Dearborn’s expertise spans over 20 years of experience in the information technology industry. She specializes in website design, search engine marketing (SEM) and has earned the achieved title of a Google Certified Professional. Amy joined the Fitzwilliam Financial team in 2013 with the first goal being to rebuild the Fitzwilliams Financial website.

As online efforts are never-ending, she has continued to be an integral member of our team and her efforts have expanded through the years to work other value-added online efforts. When it comes to the technical stuff, we call Amy!

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Amy’s background includes holding the position of Webmaster at the Special Operations Command – Joint Forces Command (SOCJFCOM) while working as a contractor for the Northrop Grumman Mission Systems division of Northrop Grumman.

Her educational training includes a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Old Dominion University, a Masters in Business Administration from Averett University and an extensive list of specific training courses related to deeper levels of technical training, security and information assurance.

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